Dodington Family History

Horsington Hall

Located in Somerset, it was the "family home" for many years, but was sold in the early part of this century.  Then it became an orphanage, then a hotel, and now (photo 12/98) it is being converted into flats.  There is an adjacent church, St. Johns Horsington, which has plaques to various ancestors.  A few miles away is Stowell, which has a church with additional ancestral tombs and records.

Horsington Hall is Downloading

For Historical information, current in 1792, please read:    

    History of Horsington & Stowell


Owners of Horsington:

*Christopher Dodington,  --1657 (death)

George Dodington,    1657-1695

*William Dodington,    1695-1708

George Dodington,    1708-1757

Samuel Jackson Dodington,    1757-1813

William Manning Dodington,    1813-1853

*Thomas Marriott Dodington,    1853-1876

Thomas Marriott Dodington,      1876-1890

Roger Dodington,    1890-1923 (sold)               

(* are ancestors of Sven Dodington)


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