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    Descendants of Adam deConteville (1154-1189): This is the Marriott Dodington family tree, 839 names

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    Descendants of John Kennard (1732-1791)

    Descendants of George Dworak (~1820 Bohemia)

    Descendants of Ed McGargill's father (~1810 Ireland)

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Flora Denton Dodington died January 29, 2008, aged 89. Her daughter, Gillian Dodington, first married Glen Dudman, and their son Mawgan changed his surname to Pender (the above records have him listed as Maureen). Gillian then married Roger Pender, who died on February 4, 2013 aged 66. Their daughter Katy Pender married Christopher Greenbank on April 4, 2009. They have two children, Tobias Greenbank, born December 15, 2012, and Magnus Greenbank, born April 26, 2014.

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