Dodington Family History

Dodington Hall

Dodington Hall is in the Village of Dodington, near Nether Stowey.  

Downloading picture of Dodington Hall

Please select one of the following:

    map of Dodington area (1884 Ord Survey 1:10560)

    map of  surroundings (1884 Ord Survey 1:10560)

    Collinson's 1791 History of Somerset (village of Dodington)

    Magazine article describing Dodington Hall

    Origin of family name

    Stained Glass description

    Somerset magazine article on Dodington

    Another description of Dodington

    photo: The Great Hall

    photo: Fireplace gargoyle in Great Hall

    photo: Angel carving in Great Hall ceiling

    photo: Stained glass window in Great Hall

    photo: View of Dodington Hall from garden

    photo: Plaster coat-of-arms inside Dodington Hall

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